“Czerwony Kot” szal


“Czerwony Kot” szal z jedwabiu naturalnego typu krepa. Wymiary 192×55 cm.


“Czerwony Kot” szal z jedwabiu naturalnego typu krepa. Wymiary 192×55 cm.
Śmieszne, wielkie koty i myszy na szarym tle. Dobry prezent na poprawę humoru.

Cena zawiera koszt pakowania i wysyłki.

Gray shawl, Hand painted silk shawl, Large, elegant woman wrap. Gift for her, RED CAT.

RED CAT is extra-large, gray, and red, 100% silk shawl. This scarf is suitable for any occasion: both to the office or to the party. Perfect as a gift for her.
Please, keep in mind the extraordinary characteristic of the silk, which heats in the cold and cools in the heat.
The pattern is hand-painted by artist Theia Boim. Playful, red cat get you always in a good mood.

width: app. 21,6 in/55 cm
length: app. 75,6 in/192 cm
fabric: 100% silk, crepe
hem: 100% silk thread

The scarf is hand-painted with high-quality paints; the process includes treatment at high temperature to avoid color fading.

Washing instruction:
Hand-wash gently with mild soap in lukewarm water. No bleach. Iron while still damp on the reverse side using a hot iron.


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